Monday, October 09, 2017


I give Doug Jones long odds down in Alabama with respect to stopping Roy Moore's election to the US Senate. That doesn't mean we shouldn't support Doug Jones and make resources available to him as Abraham Lincoln put it back in the day "Those not skinning may hold a leg" so to speak.
But if I was me, running I'd "give em' heaven", "Government as good as all of us" to paraphrase Jimmy Carter...because its for damn sure Jones will never "Out-Hell-n-Damnation" Roy Moore.  Jones can't let the narrative degenerate into "strong and wrong" versus "weak and right" thats the downfall of democrats every time. No...Jones has to transform the race into "crazy and inept" versus "sane and able", he has to make "crazy" (which is "Brand Moore" in a nutshell) into an electoral liability, promise hard work on behalf of all Alabamans (whether they vote for him or not) and fervently assert the desire to remain sane in challenging times. Don't play the apocalypse card at all, it doesn't work down there, affirm always we face our common difficulties but they are no more vexing than the problems we have overcome in the past.
DON'T Get drawn into a debate about Roy Moore's many many imaginary enemies...affirm, assert and remain optimistic about our ability to overcome....and Good Luck Doug Jones!

Common Sense
Common Decency
for the
Common Good
Jones for the U.S. Senate!

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