Tuesday, October 31, 2017

John Kelly thinks that "compromise" might have averted the Civil War...

deep in a false consciousness of moral equivalence, the President's Chief of Staff claims that fire eaters on all sides would not bargain honestly to keep the Union Together.
That....is post secesh bullshit that die hard rebels used to tell themselves to passives aggressively put the blame on the Yankees for the whole thing.
Let the record show, that Abraham Lincoln repeated offered compromise to the South, read the "Peoria Speech" & his "Cooper's Union Address" for all the details. In brief Lincoln told the south no attempt would be made to interfere with slavery in states where said practice was established, he then went on to affirm that congress had the right to prohibit the spread of slavery in the unincorporated territories and that it was of that expecation that slavery would then be on "the high road to extinction".
Nothing more...and the mere public assertion of this notion was enough to sunder the Union with Southerners utterly bereft of compromise who were intent of conquering all or else leaving the union entirely.
Kelly made no friends with this assertion but it's par for the course for the Trump Regime at this point....

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