Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Make no mistake about it

I firmly believe that despite being outed as a pederast and an abusive freak of the first rank, it is still Roy Moore's race to lose in Alabama next month.  The reasons for this are complex but a good summary would note that "The Myth of Grievance" is currently ascendent in Movement Conservatism.  If we conceptualize movement conservatism as a system of pseudo religious thought designed to impede the internalization of facts, then we are led to the conclusion that it is essentially mythological in content.
As I've said on and off for years, movement conservatism is anti factual and built around four study mutually reinforcing myths "The Myth of Small Government", "The Myth of Rugged Individualism", The Myth of Christian Politics" & lastly "The Myth of Grievance".
Right now, down in Alabama "The Myth of Grievance" is so very powerful in that electorate that it will happily and insolently countenance the election of a child molester to the US Senate as a seemingly last desperate rebuke against the elite phantoms that seemingly plague them.
To delve any deeper into this issue requires far more "social psychology" than I can muster but following that idea to it's logical conclusion is that the problem in Alabama isn't with the elites (they all seem horrified by Moore as well they should be) it's the voters that are literally engaging in a self destructive "failure of followership".
There are people out there, who are demanding the use of nuclear weapons to destroy their straw men...literally.
On the other hand, Jones may well win next month, if so we can at least rest assured that for the moment a bottom floor to US Politics has temporarily been established.
I'm not holding my breath, I would also advise Senator McConnell to discontinue the Capital Page Program and replace those kids with volunteer retirees, preferable ex-police officers.

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