Friday, November 03, 2017

The Current Tax Bill being written

By the US House is nothing but a redistribution of the wealth of so called "Blue States" to "Red States". It will also fall hardest on Colleges, Universities and certain middle class cohorts as well, it is a veritable "bill of attainder".
And so far, this unexcusable whole theft excites no reaction at all from our Sphix Like Governor, Charle "Silence is Golden-Golden GOLDEN!" Baker.  You'd think the prospect of certain middle class cohorts being forced to pay for the utopian fantasies of Speaker Ryan & The President...might prod Charlie to some say nothing of playing a leadership role.
But No...
Nothing....if this is the soothing syrup of Moderate Republicanism of the Saintly Bill Weld type then please gimme the Power Politics of James Michael Curley. Massachusetts is about to be robbed blind so I do hope someone somewhere starts tagging the Governor with these very real & practical issues. Theft should be resisted, you'd a "moderate republican" would get that....

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