Monday, November 06, 2017

Notes to This Week's Massacre

we cannot any longer assert that "its too soon after a mass shooting" to discuss gun control, indeed this heinous shootings are occuring on a weekly basis these days. The flowers from last weeks wakes & funerals have hardly begun to wither before fresh blood is shed.  The whole situation vaguely suggests the early 1970's weekly round of domestic airliner hijackings, the Feds dithered and the airlines refused to enact sensible security measures prior to embarkation for years while air piracy became a very regular & normal occurrence.  So too are we dithering about practical gun control measures (at least stop the private sales of the damn AR-15!)...and we'll dither as long as we are willing to put with the current wave of gun violence, or until the NRA runs out of money.
That however is the positive aspect of this horrific situation, maybe its the weather in Boston today, because I begin to wonder if we aren't witnessing the American Dream's final death spiral in barbarism...but then, the weather is pretty gloomy out there.

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