Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It goes without saying that

Regardless of the President's "walkback" yesterday, Vladimir Putin has been openly and officially encouraged to interfere as much as he likes in US elections, I GUARANTEE YOU the Kremlin will pile in with both feet this fall. The States need to be prepared, I am sure there is a lot of things the Russians didn't do in 2016 that they'll happily enact now thansk to Trump's craven unmanly endorsement in Helsinki.
Putin's goals here are simple stark & profound, destroy the US's international leadership by wrecking the electoral system beyond repair, assisting in keeping outright kleptocrats in power and helpfully reduce the USA to a powerless international blusterer.
Its an ambitious plan, the very dream of Joseph Stalin but Putin seems closer than ever to achieving it, its a well played hand by Putin believe me. All the more astonishing when you consider Russia's meagre GDP and moribund economic/technological development.
The sad thing is, we aren't confronted by overwhelming odds, we are LETTING it all happen to us, it can be stopped and stopped quickly but certain political cadres have to make sacrifices and put the USA's constitution, bill of rights and sovereignty first and foremost.
Its not always "America First", but it is Always, "Freedom First".

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