Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Of the President's "Press Conference" in Helsinki

Yesterday I'll only add that Vladimir Putin's smirk of triumph was a mile wide and hundred feet deep, I have to give the Russian despot credit, he presides over a corruption ridden GNP comparable to Italy and yet he has played his hand effortlessly, the man makes the Medici look like a bunch of Teachables.
But as has been said elsewhere, the crisis is upon us, we must get Trump Out of the Oval Office, he is compromising the Nation and selling out our security openly and serenely every hour he is perpetuated along the Potomac.
Sadly, I see little resistance in congress to any of this, part of this is "partisan gridlock" some of it is the proliferation of rotten boroughs which literally insulates dozens of US Representatives from the consequences of....democracy...a lot of it is cowardice, corruption and sheer bad luck.
We MAY get an "accountability moment" this fall, then again we may not....if any of us survive as sovereign citizens until 2020 then I think someone ought to gin up a deliberate and well financed third party challenge to President Trump. Such a project requires a credible candidate who can sell himself as a Reasonable Alternative to Republican Voters. This candidacy is built on a somewhat cynical ploy it'll be withdrawn only IF the GOP declines to renominate Trump...which means we need two credible conservatives with the balls to buck the GOP's cult of incumbency "Bobby Kennedy Style".
I doubt they can...just as I doubt congress as presently constituted can act...but if something doesn't happen soon my own particular concept of self sovereignty comes into play and that may well force an unprecedented confrontation out there, "off screen" and "off script".

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