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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Romney's Hundred Flower's Campaign...
Decaf is now officially holding out an olive branch to the legislature or so say the Metro Pages of the Boston Globe. Apparently he has been making nicey-nice with the State Senate over the upcoming health care bill and has even broadcast some radio advert extolling the merits of "bipartisanship".
It all sounds a bit mental to me though.
I mean this IS the Mitt Romney who tried and failed to purge the State Legislature last fall and the same guy who has been slagging the Commonwealth in front of any collection of out of state wowsers that'll have him. Hell not three weeks ago Mitt was running radio adverts denouncing the stem cell bill in terms gratifying to any witch doctor. Moreover,it is a well known fact that no one in the lege can get through to Romney or his staff on a time urgent basis...bills languish, negotiations whither and the Commonwealth lurches on while Mitt loafs and daydreams of the stench off the Potomac.
Now suddenly like Mao Zedong he wants to smoke a heaping peace pipe with the opposition? Whacky...but then I'm beginning to think the sheer ahem strain of being governor has driven Romney quietly mad. More and more his Admin resembles one of those embattled third world Juntas trapped in the Presidential Palace and clouding the air with weird radio broadcasts and lavish promises.

Of course if Mitt was trying to work up a justification for declining to run for re-election an olive branch however faux or pro forma would have to be part of the narrative. What it says is "see I TRIED to work with those guys but they are too radical....waaaahhh!"
Or maybe he has snapped who knows?
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