Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where the world wide web stops cold...

that would be in the 4th Middlesex democratic state senate primary where both candidates have anemic and underdeveloped websites to push their campaigns.

Ken Donnelly's site has blank pages under the "news" and "issues" buttons although his biography is seemingly detailed down the individual skill awards he collected in the boy Scouts.

Jack Hurd's site includes the usual extended biography one that decorously stops short of naming all the kids on the Little League team he coaches. Other than that and a link to the voter registration site, it's a pretty cut and dried affair.

I hate to sound like a utopian internet mage, but the web has great potential for cash conscious local candidates. Donnelly at least has a donation button on his page, a handy gimmick for the web saavy firefighter in Colorado. Hurd on the other hand gets by with a postal addy for donations plus his campaign's phone number for anyone who wants to call up and chew the fat.
Both men could use an accurate and rigorously updated campaign calendar and strong
issue pages plus some campaign news, endorsements listed thatsort of palaver.
Did you know that Donnelly supports the Governor's casino bill? Did you know that Jack Hurd opposes it?
Well you wouldn't know squat from either of their sites, for that play of opinion sadly you must repair to the Chimes at Midnight.
Seriously guys, I know everyone is busy...but some info please!

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