Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Death-Scream for Purity....

Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe's laughing young senescence, soon to be back selling used cars in Norwood...takes time out of his busy schedule to slag Colin Powell.
Whenever conservatives run out of ideas they start insisting that they have plenty of ideas they just need to be imposed on the GOP more firmly and with the zeal of an amok puritan.
Hence Jeff's attempt to read Powell out of the ranks of army the former Secretary of State was never a member of to begin with. Just because he served under conservatives doesn't make Powell a conservative, certainly not the sort of book-worshipping, witchburning, selfish, intellectually bankrupt, hypocritical, political autistic that constitutes movement conservatism today.
Ah but Jeff doesn't get that...purity and zeal is the name of the game over on the other side that is when they are not whining like whipped curs of course.

This line in particular is especially hilarious:
Though he owes every lofty position he has held - national security adviser, four-star general, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, secretary of state - to GOP presidents, Republicans perpetually appear to rub him the wrong way: especially the conservatives who constitute the party's base.
There are never any moderates in the GOP's base ever notice that? Of course not they have all defected to the democrats after being nigh deafened by Jeff and his ilk's screams for loyalty and purity.
One of the lasting legacies of the Bush-Rove years is the GOP's war on party moderates, the constant need to attack and destroy unbelievers to fall upon the nearest at hand usually their own mushy middle of the roaders.
Which is why the GOP is at a 21% identification level nationally, numbers that are only slightly better than Henry Wallace's Progressive Party or that of the Spanish Falange.

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