Friday, May 22, 2009

Dick Cheney isn't talking out of a desire to

save the country, he is running his mouth off to keep his boney old ass out of jail.
Groveling bastards like NBC's David Gregory don't get that...they think all of Cheney's current bluster is somehow motivated by the sincere toughness of a GOP conservative. Hell Gregory was on Imus this morning and was practically peeing himself with joy over Cheney's speech yesterday.
That is pure nonsense, Cheney is smart enough to realize that closing Guantanamo's detention camp and forbidding torture opens up a paper trail that goes right back to him and him alone. Maybe Barack Obama's department of Justice won't indict a former US President...but that pious regard for the office may not extend as far as the Vice Presidency, especially a venomous old toad like Dick Cheney.
SO that is why Cheney is talking and talking and talking...he is desperate to cover up his own complicity is a tall stack of crimes.

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