Thursday, May 14, 2009

It isn't done "Quietly" if it is on the Front Page of the Boston Globe

The Globe rehashes old news today, reminding it's readers that Governor Patrick makes a point to attend the funerals of servicemen killed in Iraq/Afghanistan.
This has been reported before both by the Globe and by local TV news so the story hardly seems new in any way. Nevertheless it does make an odd book-end to yesterday's bizarre front page assertion that the Governor was not spending enough time on the job, except when he is attending soldier's funerals, hosting policy forums or checking up on conditions in Peru, Florida, Mendon or Sunderland.
Dukakis, even when he was riding high, came in for this kind of schizophrenic treatment all the day they love him the next they loath him. The Globe has always been ambivalent about it's weighty liberal bona fides...never more so than when a democrat is governor for some odd reason.
Well...I say the Globe forget all this useless palaver about where the Governor spends his long weekends and concentrate on the pension issue. If Morrissey Boulevard wants to go down fighting AND hold the executive and legislature's fee to the fire...I say the foot-toasting begins with pensions.

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