Monday, April 25, 2011

Is the Boston Herald even a newspaper anymore?

I mean, if'n ye go by the front page, it seems to be a sort of down market daily version of "Boston Magazine".  War, famine, disasters and politics in Washington and elsewhere inevitably take a back seat to the persecution of small time state officials, groveling before the local professional sports franchises and crimes old and new.
Nothing contemporaneous ever seems to make the front page there anymore. Hell Howie Carr hasn't had a front page "scoop" since the November election (I wonder if he has recovered his sense of humor, but then again I also wonder who got the big screen TV in his divorce so go figyuh).
Granted they still love local reportage, especially if there is a violent crime involved...but this is the weird part "If it bleeds ( be it in Dorchester or Belmont) it no longer leads" in One Herald Square.
They say newsprint is in it's imperial decline and if the Herald is indeed declining along with the industry then they are making some odd creative decisions as they are being measures for their harp.

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