Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Prediction for Today's Arizona and Michigan Primaries

Sigh, all good things must come to an end so I think it'll be Romney in both cases.

I wish it wasn't so, this has been one of the most entertaining presidential political spectacles I've ever seen...and I once had a front row seat to the 1984 New Hampshire Primary!
The main thing I'm taking away from this wingnut circus is Mitt Romney's sheer political ineptitude, his only advantage seems to be limitless money, his only thought as to it's proper use is to buy the political equivalent of a nuclear armed MX Missile to kill the freakish gnat that is Rick Santorum.
I mean, yes the nuclear blast gets the job done, but there are easier, cheaper more subtle ways to put down a twitchy would be tyrant like The Ricktator.
On the other hand, IF Santorum pulls off an upset tonight, all bets will be off come tomorrow morning. A lot of centrifugal forces that have been clamped down til now will come into play, calls for new candidates, a brokered convention, and I guarantee you by noon Richard Viguerie will be screeching for a third partei of pure conservatism.
That is the real danger for Romney, if he can't put Santorum away tonight, a lot of GOP maachers who've been backing him from kerfuffle to gaffe may start openly musing as to what they are getting for their time and money.
In other words a loss tonight or worse the perception of a loss means uncertainty & panic creep back into the process, which in turn undermine Romney's who "I AM INEVITABLE" meme.
But, this is all speculation, the truth is, history favors disaster but not necessarily total catastrophe, and a Romney victory tonight will be disaster enough for us all.

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