Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Never Give a Seeker An Even Break"....

Ron Paul has a believing mind.
A seeker if you will.
He believes in the powers and principalities of the air, he believes in a Free Market Utopia to which we will all fly in libertarian rocketships...and maybe just maybe he believes Mitt Romney's promises that he will select Dr. Paul's son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as the Former Viceroy's Vice Presidential Running Mate.
Why else would Ron Paul be holding fire against Romney in debate after debate?
From Romney's perspective this is a slam dunk, he keeps Ron Paul's creepy cultists off his ass, forestalls a possible bolt at the Tampa Convention and keeps his rivals for the GOP nomination nicely divided.
All in exchange for a promise, likely never even uttered, that Romney himself will not keep when the serious dealings begin.
I mean stop and think, Vice Presidential candidates must first and foremost deliver their own states, but if Romney can't carry conservative Kentucky all by himself it is likely game over for the GOP.
No...I've heard Florida Senator Rubio is the big Vice Presidential "get" in the GOP, he can put the Sunshine State back in contention (supposedly) and he is a young photogenic Hispanic who takes the hoodoo of Republican xenophobia.
Anyhow if I was Ron Paul, I would get it in writing.
Mitt Romney's word doesn't mean shit, not with Bain Capital and Good Lawd telling him how to screw you on a deal.

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