Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ricktator at Full Flood

I'm gonna miss Former Senator Rick "High Pitched Rich" Santorum when he finally goes over the hump, his Presidential Campaign has been the gift that keeps on giving from hour one.
Shrill, paranoid, authoritarian and as inflexible as a Stalinist Commissar, the "Old Rick Santorum" has at long last decloseted himself for the final drive to glory or annihilation in the Arizona/Michigan Primaries.
It is like watching Allen Drury's fictional villain "Senator Fred van Ackerman" run for Tyrant.
I love this mook, he never backs down from anything no matter how stupid or malevolent the quote...
Take for Example the revival of his old remarks about JFK's famous speech to the Ministerial Association in Houston circa 1960.
The Late President's ringing endorsement of religious freedom and a strong separation of church and state, made Santorum want to "vomit".
If Romney had made so blatantly provocative a comment, no less than a regiment of attorney's would be deployed to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Liberal Media misquoted out of context the Former Governor's entirely innocuous remarks.
No Santorum, faced with the proof of his own bitter primitivism, his voice goes up an octave and he starts up ranting and raving that separation of church and state is a nefarious liberal plot to destroy christianity.
The man is a treasure, when he finally hits the auto destruct button I will miss him, Santorum is the biggest shit stirrer to hit the hustings since the Empire Days of George Corley Wallace and the American Independent Partei.
Stop and think though, image what would happen if "President Santorum" really did govern according to his own retrograde notions of church & state relations?
I mean after The Pope congratulated him on banning abortion and contraception in the USA, what would the Ricktator do when the Holy Father demanded he also enact unilateral nuclear disarmament, double welfare payments, outlaw Capital Punishment and pursue an even handed policy in the Middle East?
All those things are part of "deeply held catholic doctrine" too...not just the fun authoritarian stuff.
Bet that phone could come to a swift end eh?

Well anyway like I sez before, I think Rick peaked a week too early I suspect Romney will win tomorrow perhaps even handily.
But I could be wrong, if he loses though, literally, Hail Mary!

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