Friday, November 09, 2018

BTW Kudos to Representative Nancy Pelosi

she plotted the democrats comeback in the US House with consummate brilliance, she raised the funds, recruited the candidates, chose the battlegrounds and for the most part stayed off television for the last three weeks before the midterm.
She scotched Bush's plan to privatize social security, she got the ACA thru, she has been speaker, she has been back benched, the lady has experience, and on Tuesday Night after fifteen years, it paid off.
She managed to connect the dots all the way to victory in a degraded representative body that is riddled with the cancer of rotten boroughs, this is a significant achievement in these imperiled times.
There is a movement afoot (headed by our own Seth Moulton sad to say) to put aside Pelosi's leadership and elect someone else speaker next January.  This would be a terrible injustice, the fruits of Pelosi's victory should not be handed to someone else, she put the time in she deserves the sinecure.
Some say Trump has "figured her out" and will do nothing save heap scorn on Speaker Pelosi for the rest of his term. Well what of it? Scorn never killed anyone, and the GOP spent millions on adverts excoriating Nancy Pelosi, none of which stopped her or the democrats from flipping the US House..."bring on the hate" sez Humble Elias.
Moreover I think Pelosi has Trump "figured out" from his weakness for praise, his preference for untrustworthy chiselers for aides and authoritarian "talk" matched with an unsteady "walk".
Besides there is something about having Nancy Pelosi a mere two heartbeats away from the US Presidency that'll send Movement Conservatism into conniptions...and I am a connoisseur of conniptions mah frenz.

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