Monday, November 05, 2018

For the US Senate Tomorrow...

I heartily endorse Elizabeth Warren in tomorrow's contested election for the U.S. Senate. I do so, because she has been more effective than is presented in her publicity, and because Geoff Diehl would be a disaster for the Commonwealth as a US Senator, less a solon, more of a Trump sycophant to put it neatly.
There is word on the street that Warren badly wants to run for President, all the auspices point to a run sad to say, despite Humble Elias' bid to talk her off the ledge.  Nonetheless, if I was willing to take the same risk with Kerry, Dukakis, Tsongas and Kennedy, then I ought to extend the same courtesy to Warren with my vote tomorrow.
But then Massachusetts is a hotbed of ambition, Katherine Clark wants to be Senator, Maura Healey wants to be Governor, the pot is ever boiling.

I also urge a YES vote on Question Three, by voting yes on said ballot measure we collectively affirm our confidence in our state's current transgender rights & protections, in the current national political zeitgeist this is a desperately needed affirmation indeed.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, do not despair, do not fear, if we are defeated here, we will simply fight elsewhere. It is not necessary to win, it is important to keep fighting no matter what.  We lose only when we quit.

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