Friday, November 02, 2018

Yesterday, The Boston Globe had the temerity to anoint

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker as an "Anti-Trump Republican".

All I can say is with "GOP Opponents" like Lumpy arrayed against him, Trump can look forward to a   Despotism  that'll make Gaius Caligula look like a peevish Scoutmaster.

But then I'm not sure there is really any effective opposition to Trump within the GOP, certainly in the last two years what have they prevented The President from saying or doing?
Exactly nothing,  the GOP "opposition" is largely muted and of a purely rhetorical nature. Moreover said "opposition" is conditioned and corrupted by the need to negotiate with Trump with respect to items like judicial nominations (exp "Kavanaugh") and the only thing the republicans universally worship like pagan cuts.
Onto this battlefield, steps Charlie "Lumpy" Baker, unarmed and unwilling...he rebukes the president, in soft tones but if Trump ever bids on tearing up the US Constitution and ruling with an Iron Hand Our Governor will be the first to run like a rat in a firestorm.
Count On It.

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