Saturday, November 17, 2018

This is just too good to be true....

Donald Trump is supposedly questioning the loyalty of his sycophantic toadying VP, Mike Pence, per the New York Times of Course.
This is just hilarious to contemplate on a number of levels, as well as being proof positive that Trump himself regards the recent midterms as a setback for him and the GOP he has completely suborned.
Just remember when Trump's back is to the wall, he lashes out at anyone anywhere as long as they are incapable of retaliation, and that is the very definition of the U.S. Vice Presidency.
If someone was ruthless, cunning & subtle, they'd stoke Trump's suspicions of Mike Pence and perhaps ignite one of his cringeworthy twitter tirades akin to the ones he unleashed that other canine-like Trump loyalist, Jeff Sessions.
Who knows? Maybe Pence can be intimidated into resigning...if the timing on that is just right, that puts Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives directly astride the confirmation process.  Assuming of course Pelosi is the next Speaker of the House...and if she is, the House can easily withhold confirmation of the VP nominee and make a female democrat Trump's lawful successor for the rest of his term.
Sure its a crazy scenario, but we are living with a far crazier and more dangerous scenario every certainly can't divide the nation any more than it is fractured at the moment, don't kid yourself.

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