Monday, June 16, 2003

Fodder's Day at Bah Hahbah....

urely everyone saw the President tumble @ss over teakettle off the Segway last week?
It was in all the papers...too dumb to press the "on" button was the verdict down on the loading dock.
Father's Day gifts like that put mind of Chuck Jones' classic "A Bear for Punishment" cartoon...y' know with humongous "Junyer Bear" blithely filling up his father's pipe with gunpowder.
And there he was President "Junyer Bear" ("duh...age six") falling flat on his pudgy punim with hilarious regularity.
Anyone else think that this was a depressingly familiar scene to the ex-President, our incumbent's father?
You can just tell from Bush Sr.'s tight indulgent waspy smile that he's seen Junyer take similar falls off of two wheel bikes, snowmobiles, speedboats, unicycles, clydesdale horses etc etc etc...
All accompanied by the usual excruciatingly exuberant yells " Lookit me Dad, I taught myself how to...WHAM!!!!"
Poor guy, you just know he has been watching Junyer take this humiliating pratfalls for nigh on fifty years now with no end in sight.
Fortunately he has that pained look of forbearance down pat.

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