Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Storm Warner...

Is there a bigger more hopeless imbecile in the U.S. Senate than John Warner (R. Va.)???
According to John Conason this stupid preening collie-dog of a man got off the plane in Kabul and was astonished to find French military officers training the new Afgan army recruits.
And this is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee!!!!
Handsome John Warner (Ole Virginny's answer to George Clooney) has been seemingly o.d-ing on stupid pills for a while now.
Last week he was shilling for the introduction of U.S. troops in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to impose some peace on those fractious areas.
A dumber and more dangerous idea hasn't been bruited about since the salad days of the so called "balanced budget amendment" to the constitution.
Never mind the fact that if the I.D.F. (possibly the free world's finest infantry) can't impose order what chance do U.S. troops have??
I mean, forget about our dubious record of nation building and just concentrate on the fact the curtain is going up on our version of the West Bank in Iraq!
The notion might be debatable as part of a comprehensive final settlement of the region's diplomatic issues, but deploying the U.S. Army to shore up the unacceptable local political status quo ought to be repellant to any clear thinking American.
Not to Senator Warner though, dubious ideas like this are his stock in trade, like his beloved Commander in Chief he has never been one to say nay to a bad idea.
And yet he is one of the men with the whip hand right now...a member in good standing of GWB's Senate cheerleading squad, a ghastly collection of creeps, hacks, and toadies that include Rick Santorum, Orrin Hatch and the National Cat Torturer Bill Frist.
The one thing that unites these guys is they will NEVER let any daylight get between them and the President no matter how crude, stupid, jingoistic, and craven they may have to sound.
Now why they must carry on in this fashion I do not know.
With the possible exception of Santorum they call hail from uncommonly safe seats for the GOP, hell Orrin Hatch advocate selling Alaska back to the Russians sans consequences.
But just mention they name George Bush Junior on the Imus program (or Meet the Press or whatever) and watch these poor wretches practically soil themselves in a compulsive bid to ingratiate themselves with the President.

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