Friday, June 20, 2003

I was just thinking...

Anne Coulter must think if she can just throw a big enough tantrum, long enough, and more importantly loud enough she will "hulk out" a huge muscular liberal crushing behemoth.
That is the core of her politics....the primal transformative scream.

Speaking of the "Hulk" I'm sick of that green galoot already and the movie only opened today.

Won't stop me from seeing it at the Drive In permitting.

John Kerry is the man.
He just is.
A penniless divorcee' and a U.S. Senator back in the 1980's , yet he STILL managed to date Morgan Fairchild in style.
Whotta man!

Billy Bulger should resign...if he gets out maybe he'll take that freeloading jack off Howie Carr down with him.
THAT would be singular parting service to the Commonwealth.

Tim Russert has it wrong as usual...he was on Imus today talking up the lack of any recovered Iraqi WMD's. He opined in tones pontifical yet smarmy that this might create a credibility problem for the President. The President has had a credibility problem since the day he seized power, it has not inhibited his freedom of action one bit. It is the likes of Tim Russert who have a credibility is damaged by those missing/nonexistent WMDs.
Not that will inhibit HIS freedom of action either.

Tom Reilly wants to run for Governor. Hence his eagerness to share the spotlight if and when Billy Bulger resigns.
Good bleeping luck to the Attorney General, two other democrats with statewide portfolios have down to defeat in 1998 and 2002 respectively.
Nope frankly we need someone new and disconnected to the State Government if we wanna win in 2006.

The Tri-Town Drive In in Lunenberg Mass. has the biggest damn outdoor screen in the Commonwealth period...all decent citizens should patronize a drive in this summer. I mean look at these crapulous films we are faced with, you may as well give your money to some local independent exhibitor if you must sit through Ben Affleck in "Daredevil".

Geez that Bill Goldberg is fast on his feet....I still wanna see him pound Rick Flair into the ground like a tent peg.
THAT would be serious mark out moment, Flair would sell it like water in drought...getting down on both knees to beg, then looms Goldberg and then...the spear!

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