Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Our War Aims (revised and expanded)

Paul Bremer called into the Imus in the Morning Program's an odd venue for a harassed quasi-viceroy in a no-win situation, but a fella has to take whatever he can get I guess.
Sometimes though, amidst all the feckless blather, a factoid is enunciated so ridiculous so inane that it stimulates the rare and dangerous laughter of outrage.
Such was the case this morning when Bremer, while ticking off all our nation building props to date, announced that Baghdad had it's first job fair yesterday "with over two hundred participants".
YE GODS! That is what our boys are dying for one by one - the freedom to carpet a job fair with resumes!
If only Franklin Roosevelt could see this....his noble G.I.'s, the granchildren of his Spartans, his warrior angels reduced to defending a Baghdad resume-mill with the last drop of their noble blood.
It's not that this is such a pathetic tawdry accomplishment, it's the evident pride Bremer takes in the job fair as "proof" we are winning hearts and minds in Iraq.
I can't even work myself up into a frenzy over his discourse, naive piffle like this always more sad than provocative.
Besides, Bremer isn't the problem here, he has been a faithful flunky since day one, dutifully implementing the policies of his notoriously whimsical and irresolute master.
And a flunky is what Bremer is, he was enthusiastically boosting Bush's weird pre-dawn appearance in Iraq on Thanksgiving, complete with it's shiny cooked turkey prop and hand-picked audience, as a tonic for troop morale.
Soon enough, when this whole mishaugas goes to smash, Bremer will be ousted and no doubt blamed for the debacle...but lets take a moment to honor, with all due irony and malice, his canine loyalty to the President.
When the time comes Pitiful Paul will happily dig his own grave, belching Bush's praises the entire time.

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