Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Wednesday Notes:

So far it has been a year of tumbles and bruises for the big time national news media.
Never let it be said these guys weren't ready to mount up and charge after some other misty chimera.
Battered and humiliated they never admit they are wrong and are never at a loss for an opinion no matter how predictable.
It'd almost be glorious if it wasn't so farcical.
Thus we had mainstream windbag Jeff Greenfield on Imus today, desperately trying to spin the results in Wisconsin into an exciting two man race between Edwards and Kerry.
Purists will recall John Edwards lost last night preserving his 15 and 1 record in the democratic primaries.
Nonetheless that pompous old fraud Jeff Greenfield needs a story to tell, and John Edwards is all that he has left now that it looks like Dean is dropping out.
All of Jeff's other predictions have blown sky-high to date, so if I was Senator Edwards I'd beware all this "two man race" guff.
Still the Senator from North Carolina is a successful barrister, I'm sure he can tell the difference between shit and shinola.
Meanwhile John Kerry soldiers on despite rumors that the Deaniacs are about to defect en-masse to Edwards....which would be hilarious if it happened.
I mean, didn't Edwards happily vote for the IWR, the very thing that makes JK anathema to the Dean hard core?
We like to think elections are about issues great and small, and they try to be, they really do.
More often or not though, elections turn into vast national referenda on personalities....but mostly on the collective personalities of the voting public and not the candidates.
So we'll see, I had to come to my senses in 1992, I thought Bill Clinton was a gone goose.
It was hard to put the work I had done on behalf of Paul Tsongas behind me.
So I think I know what everyone is going through right now, I must've moped until June.
For what it is worth, if there are any hard core Dean or Edwards or Clark supporters out there reading this, console yourself with the image of George Bush Jr. facing the microphones at 2am on election night, tears streaming down his monkey face as he stammers "I've just got off the phone with President Elect-Kerry..."
The rest is drowned out by an animal roar of hate and rage from GWB's beaten and humiliated toadies and contributors.
Think about that...

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