Friday, June 10, 2005

2006...Not the Year of the Woman

Reading the front page of the Globe these days is naught but an act of sheer divination unseen since the glory days of the boozy oracle at Delphi. Now it is reported that somehow Lt Governor Kerry Healey has extracted a pledge of support from his vicereal majesty Mitt Romney in next year's GOP gubernatorial primary. That is IF Mitt declines re-election and decamps for New Hampshire.
All I have to say is... Ms. Healey must have pictures of young Tagg Romney dancing on the bar at the Turnpike Bowl-a-drome or something. Normally female pols are for stabbing-in-back according to the rules of Romneyism, anyone else recall his pledge not to run against Acting Governor Jane "Jingle Money" Swift?

So far so good for the otherwise trivial and inept Lieutenant Governor but I wouldn't put it past Mitt to be in secret negotiations with Charlie Baker, Christy Mihos or perhaps Dennis Hopper to run for Guv.
Sadly I have to say politics will run to a new level of putrefaction next year, what with this dimwitted yap from Beverly on the hustings and the Governor smirking to himself & happily wallowing in his own crapulence. Meanwhile over the border in New York nigh on billions will be spent to write fini to Hilary Clinton's political career.
Its gonna be a bad year for women...hell it was my local GOP that allegedly dubbed Kerry Healey "Swift-lite" in the summer of 2002.
Trust me on this, if you hated the rhetoric in 2002 & 2004 wait til next year when yet another GOP amateur & dilletante will be foisted on us as the last best hope to save the Commonwealth from...what?
Men and women of resolution and goodwill?
Able Policies & wise governance?


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