Friday, June 03, 2005

What happened when a Spin Doctor

accidentally tells the unvarnished truth?
He immediately issues a cringing & apologetic press release.
Such is the case today with Mitt's political advisor Michael Murphy who blabbed like an amateur to the National Review " He's been a pro-life Mormon who has been faking it as a pro-choice Friendly".
And of course, like credulous fools, the Globe has run this shocking revelation right on the front page.
Hell, Mitt has been faking it for years...Joan Vennochi and the Globe's Front Page are only now waking up to this??
Well, Mitt's program here is pretty simple, suck up to the National Review (increasing a power debased publication composed by fantasists, fanatics & the aggrieved wealthy) and thus perhaps entice a few big ticket DC Praetorians to his candidacy.
There is something contradictory about all this though, on the one hand Mitt wants credit for adhering to his 2002 promise not to revise the Commonwealth's abortion laws, yet at the same time he wants to signal the wowsers he'll hang the abortion doctors as soon as he is elected President.
Whether or not the conservocracy sees this as a meandering equivocal policy remains to be seen.


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