The Chimes at Midnight
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
So Summers is resigning as President of Harvard eh?
Oh well, dats da way da Crimson crumbles I guess.
Of course, Humble Elias gave up on Big Red the night Harvard's uniformed gendarmes shooshed him away from drinking cheap whiskey on the steps of the Widener at 9pm on a warm Friday Night.
I mean, c'mon guys, I admit it was "Thompsons blended whiskey" but I'd-a carefully disposed the plastic half pint, the Saudi Princelings and Whittington's that disport in the Yard need never have stumbled over said annoying triffle.

That and the fact that the Graduate Schools therein are forever closed to me and there you have it, a petty and eternal indifference to all things Harvard from I.
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