Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Operation Valkyrie Day...

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of Colonel Klaus von Stauffenberg's 1944 abortive bid to assassinate Adolf Hitler and overthrow the Nazi Regime. Alas the scheme failed when the bomb (artfully concealed in a briefcase) was shoved far enough under a table in Hitler's Rastenberg lair to allow the Nazi leader to survive the ensuing explosion.
Stauffenberg of course was killed for this along with thousands of others in the usual post-coup attempt retribution.
It's hard to see what would've been different if Stauffenberg had succeeded, there were still plenty of Nazi bigwigs left alive who could've seized power all on their own in the wake of Hitler's death irregardless of what government the Colonel and his followers wanted to install.
And in truth, for better or worse, Stauffenberg is a conservative of a particular type, he was fine with the Third Reich until Hitler and his neurotic impulses started getting good Prussian soldiery needlessly annihilated on the battlefield.
Where was Stauffenberg's high and mighty morals on Kristalnacht?
Well what the hell, at least he tried to start something, lets give him that.
Alas it's all history now, something to be understood and remembered.

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