Friday, July 13, 2007

Wooga Wooga A-bandon Ship!

More swan-dives over the listing sides of the USS McCain.
John Kerry went thru a patch as bad as this, at one point he was polling behind Al Sharpton in New Hampshire...but he had the troops and a message. McCain has a wasted rep for integrity and too long a history of carrying just enough water for the White House to alienate his once beloved independents.
I revise my estimate, I'm not sure McCain will last til August at this rate.
In truth, he is a candidate who belongs to the past in every way. The days when a feisty sounding independent can crash into the GOP nominating process and carry the day like Wendell Willkie or Dwight Eisenhower are long gone. These days you start out groveling before the religious right, abase yourself before the market worshippers and if you get nominated you lie and smear til' election night.
That is the GOP path to power, men on horseback who don't owe the usual ass-holes bigtime need not apply.

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