Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Missus Departs

Lady Bird Johnson has up and died at the tender age of ninety-four.
I think of her and poor Pat Nixon as the last of the old-timey first ladys...dutiful and but burdened with too few standout role models when it came to being First Lady.
Ah well, being congenitally classy Ladybird coped....oh how she coped.
Her lasting contribution to the betterment of the Republic being the 1967 highway beautification act, an early blow against sprawl and pollution that was derided at the time as naught but a genteel southern lady's version of Flower Power. In time her passsion to beautify our roadsides would march in lock step with enviromentalism and anti-sprawl activism a host of worthwhile causes...we struggle even today to catch up with her ideas.
Well goodbye Missus Johnson give our best to Lyndon, Jack and Harry we'll try our best with the wildflowers out there.

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