Friday, July 27, 2007

So...What is John Kerry up to?

The Junior Senator from the Glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts is gadding about with a vengeance:
He has called on the admin to refocus on Al Queda's presence in Pakistan/Afganistan.

He has co-drafted a bill to aid families that are caring for injured soldiers.

He isn't voting to confirm James Holsinger as Surgeon General.

He helped pass a bill raising soldier's pay.

He has asked FEMA to test those Katrina Trailers for formaldehyde contamination.

He has come out strong for implementation of the Dole-Shalala commission's recommendations to improve veteran's healthcare.

And he is fighting hard to get the State Children's Healthcare Insurance Program fully funded.

All this when he isn't railing against our current policy in Iraq or trying to get the barbarous practice of dog-fighting outlawed.
And this is only in the last ten days or so....
There are those who will snarl that none of this is leadership...but it sure seems to get good and close to leadership for me.

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