Thursday, July 05, 2007

McCain on the Ropes?

Lousy fundraising and stalled message has compelled John McCain, once the GOP's Man on Horseback, to cut back his staff.
Maybe the rumors are true, that Big John will drop out before Halloween....
Well it's not hard to see why, McCain is wa-ay past his expiration date politically, he could've swept the country in 2000 but for Karl Rove. Now he is just too old, too mean tempered, and too tied to our current policy failures to get any traction out there. In the last eight years McCain's program has been one of the wonders of this world, he has carried water for this administration with a brown-nosers eagerness, yet all that has gained him exactly nothing in the way of props in the West Wing or among the GOP base for that matter.
And so quite literally, McCain falls with a thud between three stolls, if such a thing is possible.
Given this bizarre spectacle, is it any wonder that the independents who once swooned over McCain have moved on, to Bloomberg, Hagel or who knows perhaps Giuliani or Obama?
If McCain does bail, I suspect Giuliani will reap the benefit (assuming he hasn't blown himself sky-high by then) with Romney and Thompson picking up the scraps and leavings.
Well there you have it, a whole Steve Stark column in precis'...enjoy.

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