Thursday, September 27, 2007

The nice thing about Ron Paul's candidacy for the Presidency

is that he reminds us that young people can be just as paranoid and dogmatic as their elders.
Ya gotta love Ron Paul there is a certain sweet cluelessness to his libertarian fanaticism...he honestly believes with blissful naivete' that if we sell off the social security fund to Goldman-Sachs we will all fly to work in free market rocket ships.
No pain, no fuss, no new overclass to rule us like kings.
And it is very funny, the way small children believe that dinosaurs still exist somewhere on a lost island somewhere.
For the rest of us though, what Ron is really proposing is to resolve the consequences of neocon extremism with a healing dose of libertarian extremism.
So there is, at least to Humble Elias a homeopathic quality to Ron Paul's low taxes, small gummint political program.

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