Friday, September 28, 2007

Romney's numbers are down in New Hampshire...

and of course, his lackeys are spinning it like tops gone mad on crystal meth.
"We PLANNED it this way!" or so they chorus, this is very bloody groan of some teenaged lout who tried to jump his mountain bike over some milk crates and ended up going thru the windshield of a parked car.
Boy lemme tell yuh, this is an object lesson in the limitations of money & media driven politics; a big six million dollar ad-buy in New Hampshire only goes so far for a candidate renowned for his inexperience, craven disposition and opportunism.
What is amazing to me is that Romney has actually sunk to a position in the polls that John McCain is suddenly competitive...hell a mere three month's ago I was laying odds that the mercurial Arizon hothead would be out of the game by Labor Day.
Shows yuh what Humble Elias knows.

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