Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ted Olson: the New Face of Bipartisanship

Late word comes to us that Ted Olson Former US Solicitor General and one of the power hungry jerks who put "Bush v. Gore" over on the Supreme Court, is one of the front runners to succeed Alberto Gonzales to the Attorney Generalship.
Good Ghod big surprise there, lets replace one asshole with an even bigger asshole.
Ted is a nasty customer in every respect, conservatives have a special right to rule and all that claptrap. He is in every way a surly churlish sort of nominee if he gets the sinecure, proof positive that George Bush doesn't know how to conciliate with congress or anyone else for that matter.
If he is nominated, I urge all democrats and patriotic persons in congress to vote early and vote no.
The only way to deal with fanatic hyper-partisans is to reject and to deny, time and time again we have learned it is impossible to negotiate with them in good faith.

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