Sunday, September 30, 2007

Newt Gingrich is outski...

the AP etc is reporting he will NOT be running for President in 2008.
Beeeg-a surprise there eh? Did anyone else really think he was somehow gonna raise 30 million large in one month with which to storm the New Hampshire primary?
Good grief but who was he kidding with that one? Does Gingrich know how hard it is to rise 300,000 in one month let alone 30 million??
Of course he does, Newt was once Speaker of the House...which is why the whole thing was nonsense from hour one.
Oh but Gingrich had a good two week run with the usual David Broder types swooning at the thought of this " intellectual in politics", flooding the Granite State with erudite DVDs and five hour policy speeches.

In truth, Newt has always been a shrill little prick, a smug boomer perpetually desperate for attention...he has been doing this bizarre "I'm ALMOST gonna run for President" act since 1999, he just did it a little better this time, the usual smug boomer pundits fell for it like hayseeds at at medicine show.
Otherwise, Gingrich is proof positive that for the past twenty five years the US Punditariat has been slowly lowering the bar such that a fatuous garrulous sophomore like Newt can be annointed "a scholar in politics" on the basis of having read "The Prince" and "Future Shock" both in the same semester.
Well he is out of presidential contention and the race is the better for it, the GOP has enough frauds running for the White House as it is.

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