Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh I almost forgot

To endorse Senator Barack Obama for President and Senator Joe Biden for Vice President next Tuesday!

There are many reasons to vote for Barack Obama he is charming, affable, eloquent and his election would probably break the power of a deeply corrupt and intellectually bankrupt brand of movement conservative that has been ruining the nation by increments for a generation.
All that is good, but the main reason to vote for Obama is stark and simple, he proposes new policies to address the crisis at hand and McCain does not. Moreover given his erratic behavior these past three months there is little to suggest that the piffle and eyewash McCain has proposed would ever get passed should the Senator from Arizona actually win.
Does anyone out there at this point really think John McCain can govern at all?

Obama however can move the nation beyond deadlock, he can reaffirm the oldest truism of all that politics matter and that policies can change our lives for the better. Everything he has done since the nominate shows he is a politician of the finest vintage...he "gets it". Senator Obama understands the character of your victory influences how you govern...he proposes to win honestly and therefore he must govern honestly. It is a simple notion but great nations are delivered not forget this.
From the beginning I asserted that the democrats no matter who won were taking a helluva chance...but history has surged right past those qualms and now presents us with a real opportunity.
We have nowhere left to go in these United States except forward, and forward means Obama.

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