Saturday, October 25, 2008


(blogging whilst still officially on vacation! CURSE the free use of the hotel business center!)
Bill Frickin' Weld endorsed Obama????

Geezus Chrysler who is next? Frontier Fremont, Nancy Reagan, Ron Zeigler, Alf Landon???
Spiro Agnew is dead right? So he is out...but I mean everyone else seems to be in play over there!

I'm still waiting for Bill Goldberg to come out for the Senator from Illinois, that is when you will know the missiles are flying.

Honestly though, you are defined in politics in some sense by the loyalty you inspire when the rubber hits the road.
McCain does have his die hards but this steady steady steady drum beat of hard corps GOP stalwarts deserting him for Obama says something about what the political class really thinks about the GOP nominee.
In fact it speaks volume in the opinion of Humble Elias.

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