Monday, November 03, 2008

In regards to Question Three

I'm inclined to vote against the proposed ban on dog racing.
If the pups are in anywhere near the same shape as the horse racing in this state, then both activities are on the high road to extinction anyway. Humble Elias spent last Wednesday at Suffolk Downs and roughly estimates not fifty people were present to bet on the scheduled races. The closed circuit feed from out of state tracks seemed to be doing marginally better business all around but in all the track is wan inglorious place these days.
On he other hand, if we outlaw dog racing can horse racing be far behind?
And if we go for the two-fer won't that inadvertently fuel demands for all out casino gambling in the Commonwealth?
And if that is the case will the same coalitions be out there to oppose casino gambling on the grounds of humanitarian concern for the welfare of gambling addicts?
I think not we could do right by puppies and horses and end up putting humanity in a bind.

J'es sayin'.....

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