Friday, November 07, 2008

Those vapors are heady there Senator

Just don't inhale them is all I can advise.
After all, if Scot Lehigh is pimping the Secretary of State's office for John Kerry, then you KNOW there has to be something wrong with the idea.
All these pundits will smirk and coo "great idea" so that they can get a nice bloody special senatorial election to report...and at the end when the carnage stretches from North Adams to Dighton, they can once again sell their souls to the nearest republican in a tattered "moderate" costume.
Sad...but true.
So don't do it John, you're done wandering in the wilderness, now you have a chance to dictate terms from a position of strength within the US Senate.
Foggy Bottom is great frozen wasteland for an active mind in public life...the President calls all the policy shots now, who needs that noise.
If offered, then politely turn it down sez Humble Elias.

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