Sunday, November 02, 2008

Question #8 in California....

if passed will retroactively outlaw gay marriage in that state.

The measure's "base" is composed of people who would happily criminalize abortion, contraception and make it nigh impossible to get a divorce with any celerity IF they could.

But they can't so they pursue the next best thing which is gleefully dissolving the marriages of such neighbors as merit their biddy-ish disapproval.

Ever notice how wingnuts invariably take out their frustrations with American society on gays?

Which is ironic, those who want to strengthen marriage (at gunpoint if need be) commence their jihad by busting up the marriages of 11,000 of their fellow citizens.

I can't discount the ugly possibility that there is a cohort out there that is just desperate to take someone else's rights away...really anyone...their own lives are harsh and empty paid for with debt and shot thru with threats from the pulpit...nothing left to do BUT disenfranchise someone else.

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