Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Star Spangled Revenge of John Forbes Kerry

Four years after a wafer thing loss in the presidential race....

And after four years of contempt derision and the obligatory wanders in the wilderness....

A bare two months after he was compelled to go flat out against an electoral gnat....

A day after he crushed the hopes of a GOP nominee who was less interested in public office and more of an aspirant to Batman's cape....

NOW John Kerry gets his revenge!

WHO put Barack Obama on the map in '04?

John Kerry

WHO encouraged Obama to run - now?

John Kerry

WHO acted as a trusted advisor and made his endorsement plain when Obama needed it most?

John Kerry

With last night's local and national victories, Kerry has redeemed his political profile and seen a firm friend elected President of the United States.
He will be in a position to do good public spirited business with the White House going forward...his agenda has got some momentum now....much of what he proposed a mere four years ago is about to become law.
Not bad for a guy written off as a too-tall stiff who likes to windsurf.
There is wild talk of Kerry becoming Secretary of State, Humble Elias urges the Senator not to inhale such heady vapors...we need his leadership here in Massachusetts and lets face it, Foggy Bottom ain't the sinecure it used to be.
Besides, as a US Senator he is best positioned to reap the political harvest of yesterday's almighty victory.
It's good to win...and if not, to be seen as a friend and benefactor of the winner.

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