Monday, November 24, 2008

Saw Steve Forbes of all people on CNN yesterday....

My Ghod but there is a guy with the courage of his restrictions. Faced with global financial catastrophe he just kept running his mouth on and on about more deregulation and further tax cuts all in a dense obscure way that not even a trained economist like Robert Reich could fathom.
Reich and Forbes were brought on to make sense out of the current crisis and while Steve simply delivered a three week old campaign commercial Reich actually addressed the decline of purchasing power in the American middle class induced by stagnant incomes. Forbes just stared into the camera with that creepy unblinking stare of his looking purely befuddled that the incoming admin would dare contemplate any other policy save the standard GOP practice of redistributing money from the working poor and middle class to the rich. Steve also had nothing good to say about the current Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson which is strange given the mindless similarity of their economic policies.
Reich however made plain sense, demand has to be stimulated, a piddly tax cut won't do much over the short term so bid to address income inequalities has to be at the heart of our current policy.
It was good to see Former Labor Secretary Reich back on the job, as for Steve Forbes I'm sure the rest of Wolf Blitzer's rolodex was hiding under their desks. So the billionaire profligate gets props just for going on the air in my book.

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