Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bristol Palin has at last put the kibosh on her sham engagement to Levi Johnston, otherwise known as the father to her son, Tripp.
I feel bad for the kid, she seems pretty sensible from what I've see which admittedly ain't much. At the very least she has learned how little security and even sanctity there is in a policy of ignorance.
One last question though, did anyone here in America really believe those poor dumb kids were ever gonna get married fuh real, let alone be happy married??
My Ghod but we do like to watch some sordid spectacles with mute appreciation now don't we??
As for Grandma Sarah, well, the right thing happened with respect to her short term prospects so I think the very least she can do is hire a decent Nanny and buy her daughter a first class baby seat for the car.

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