Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Palin Bailin'

Well Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went thru with it, she resigned from office eighteen months before the end of her first term.
She has a number of reasons for doing this, all of them marvelously bad, but it seems her chief motivation is she wants to cash in on her own political notoriety...Thars gold on the Kampus Konservative Koalition circuit it seems.
Right now, I have more respect for a cheap coup-plotter like California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, at least that bastard is willing to stay on the job.
Hell there are a host of U.S. Governors out there in far more diresome circumstances that Madame Sarah, they aren't resigning, they aren't selling out....they are gonna fight it out to the last ditch, what is Sarah's problem?

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