Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Disgust, to put it bluntly

is what I feel toward's the Reverend Scott Lively, the notoriously homophobic Pastor who has a parsonage out in Springfield Ma.
Conossieurs of passive aggression will recall that the Reverend took time out of his busy saving souls schedule to jet off to Uganda to testify before the legislature that was then considering anti-gay statutes.
Jacked with the Rev's expert testimony, the Ugandan legislature then made certain homosexual acts punishable by death.
And when all this murderous nonsense went on the books Scott had this to say:
"That was really disturbing to me, when the law eventually did come out,
Class all the way Scott, Class all the way.
Meanwhile there is something perfectly cowardly in jacking up the national legislature of Uganda to criminalize homosexuality and then blubber & theatrically wring one hands when said body backs their homophobic statutes with the authority of a hangman.
These days Scott is serving up coffee to the homeless while trying to "re-christian Springfield" all done with a shaking hand if the sumbitch had the slightest conscience.
Well what of it?
The clergy has it's shameless members there is no escaping it.
I do think though, that Howie Carr ought to relocate to Kampala and get a good gig on AM Radio (they still listen to that shit over there), that way his every homophobic slur will have the force of the gallows behind it.
Think about that...

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