Thursday, January 27, 2011

With both the

Tucson Massacre and the State of the Union Speech safely behind him, someone finally found the playback button on Mitt Romney AKA "The Rombot, Mark 2012".
And of course it is pretty much the same "First Not France" rubbish he has been spouting since 2006.
And in response to the President's proposal to invest in high speed rail project, the former Viceroy had this to say:
"You can’t build a high-speed rail system fast enough to outrun the president’s misguided regulations,’’
Terrible the way the looters and the socialists planners in Big Gummint insist that the trains actually stay on the tracks, run on time and not get the passengers killed.
Awful it's like we are living in Ayn Rand's worst nightmare.
All snarkage aside, Romney is currently polling quite well in New Hampshire, but then he hasn't done much up there of note for about a year, GOP respondents have probably forgotten however temporarily what a oily condescending bore he is when in full campaign mode.
This is Mitt Romney we are talking about sooner or later he will find a way to bungle the New Hampshire primary.

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