Monday, January 10, 2011

One thing to watch out for...

in the post "Tucson Massacre" environment, is a big backlash against bloggers and independent blogging. In the Globe today they had all the usual soul-searching about "the caustic tone of our political rhetoric" with the prime examples thereof being and something called "".

I couldn't tell you what goes on at either of those sites they could be calling for the forced collectivization of agriculture or outright Falangism...Humble Elias does not cruise either page.
What I do know is, there is a class sort of divide at work here, blogging is much derided for it's anonymous vulgarity, sensationalism and tendency towards crude polemics...In all a sort of working class profile if one wanted to indulge false consciousness.

So of course this makes the bloggers fair game in a situation like this for "mainstream media" with it's own obsession with the journalistic legitimacy as conferred by a big corporate payday.
Remember Janet Jackson's Superbowl "wardrobe malfunction"?
Who did they go after hammer and tongs on behalf of maidenly modesty?
Howard Stern.
Drove his ass off to satellite radio as I recall.
So it isn't too far fetched to see a blogger pogrom on the horizon...
Ah well, let the sonsabitches come I say, if they want a backlash, I'll give them a backlash.

Still and all that, I feel like hell about that little kid who got killed, there is nothing quite like screeching dementia to improve one's marksmanship is there?

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