Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping around....

Is it me, or has the Scot Lehigh started hedging his bets with Willard Mitt Romney?
As always Scot is on the prowl for a Moderate Republican on Horseback to save us all...and as of today he has some interest in Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Pawlenty is a credible GOP conservative, that is to say he is bully and a coward, he got elected twice in a Blue State and he has made a favorable first impression in New Hampshire...those are his qualifications per Scot.

But then again, at this point in the lead up to the 1984 NH Primary, all the buzz was about democrat Alan Cranston...So don't get sucked into the early hype sez Humble Elias.
Still, Pawlenty's problem is weirdly existential, next to Massachusetts, Minnesota is a veritable Graveyard of Presidential ambitions with ornate tombstones over the dashed hopes of Hubert H. Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy,Walter Fritz Mondale and dear ghod almighty, Harold Stassen.
Only the Commonwealth can beat a record like that while Minnesota needs but send a contemporary Republican to Potomac fever boot hill to start a serious trend.
All kidding aside, can Tim Pawlenty deliver his own state?
Can he?
Mitt Romney can, assuming that state is Utah, the other three he thrashes around in are not set in stone.

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